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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book this as a business event?

Yes, they are very popular as we create a bespoke cycle route and can help organise a fantastic choice of restaurant to finish at, many big names in industry, from Google executives to Netflix executives have enjoyed our tours.

How do I book and pay for my bike tour?

Contact us to confirm that we can achieve your wishes in your visit to Amsterdam, then pay direct through our website, or, you can also opt for payment by invoice.

Do we need to wear helmets?

In Amsterdam no one wears a cycle helmet, including your guide. 


We do care greatly about cycle safety and your guide will ensure you understand all the rules and cycle in very calm areas away from traffic.

Will we be cycling for the whole duration of the tour?

No. We look to stop every 10-15 minutes to reveal the story of Amsterdam. This allows the group to rest and absorb the scenery with gems of historical highlight in stories.


On our bike tours we stop for a refreshment break mid way, for coffee, wine, champagne (cost not included). Get in contact to let us know your wishes.

What if it rains?


The Dutch have a fantastic expression, translated to, "well, you're not made of sugar!', so, we continue our tour and advise sensible clothing for the weather conditions.

Can we bring children?

If they can cycle, of course you can. Your guide will ensure to look after them.

Any other questions that you don't see here, get in contact for more details.

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